Employee Giving Program

Empowering Change From Within

we believe that the heart of change lies within our community. Our Employee Giving Program iW a testament to this belief, offering a unique opportunity for our dedicated employees and community organizations to become active contributors to our mission.

How It Works

Payroll Deductions

Opt for a hassle-free, regular deduction from your payroll. Whether it's a small or significant amount, your consistent support ensures we can continue our mission without interruption.

Workplace Giving Campaigns

Rally your colleagues and organize giving campaigns within your workplace. Together, as a united front, the impact you can create is immeasurable.

Recognition & Incentives

Wall of Gratitude

Every donor becomes a part of our 'Wall of Gratitude', a dedicated space within our health center that celebrates your generosity and commitment.

Annual Appreciation Event

Join us for an exclusive event where we honor and celebrate our Employee Giving Program participants. It's our way of saying 'Thank You' for your unwavering support.

Special Incentives

As a token of our appreciation, participants will receive exclusive incentives, from vouchers to unique experiences, throughout the year.

Your Contribution, Their Hope

By participating in the Employee Giving Program, you're not just making a donation; you're lighting up someone's world, offering hope, and creating a ripple effect of positive change.

Together, we can create a healthier, brighter future for all.