Mobile Corner Market Food Pantry

By appointment only for existing Agape clients. Please call (904) 760-4904.

Agape mobile pantry

What are they?

Our 40′ Mobile Corner Market trailers are designed as mobile grocery stores, fully equipped with air conditioning, generators, coolers, freezers, and stocked shelves. They offer a variety of fresh produce and dry goods, with 70% of the stock consisting of healthy options selected by our nutrition team and Dietitian. Aimed at addressing health disparities in under-resourced neighborhoods, these markets provide free access to nutritious food and support community health through a prescriptive nutrition program, collaborating with local health providers.

How does it work?

  • Clients can on one end and shop through the market selecting from displays of lean proteins, fresh produce, shelf-stable pantry, and personal care/household items.
  • Shoppers are guided by FNEFL staff or healthcare student volunteers.
  • Variety is encouraged by categorizing foods similar to a grocery store and limiting choices in each category to a predetermined number based on family size. Clients still get to choose the specific items they want within each category
  • Most of the time we can offer the clients to “take as much fresh produce as you will use“, thereby encouraging healthy eating and home cooking.

how Are They different from a mobile pantry?

Our Mobile Corner Markets offer a personalized shopping experience by appointment, focusing on quality over quantity with limited distribution. Each family receives a meaningful amount of food, with university students and FNEFL staff trained in nutrition assisting clients in making healthy choices and ensuring equitable distribution.

by appointment only

If you are an Agape’s client, you can schedule an appointment.

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