Agape Family Health CEO Mia Jones Wins $100k in 2022 Sapphire Awards

Agape Family Health CEO Mia Jones Wins $100k in 2022 Sapphire Awards

Mia Jones, CEO of Agape Family Health, was recently honored with Florida Blue Foundation’s first-place award for its 2022 Sapphire Awards. Based in Orlando, the competition looks for healthcare providers who demonstrate a commitment to serving the local communities with compassionate and effective patient care. Jones was one of ten finalist nominees and awarded the honor along with a $100,000 prize. 

The special recognition is an acknowledgment of her hard work in improving access and efficiency within the health system as well as striving to make a meaningful impact on community wellbeing. Agape Family Health is proud to have such a leader at its helm and will continue to grow under her guidance.

Florida Blue Foundation

Florida Blue Foundation is a philanthropic organization that seeks to inspire and improve the health of communities in the state of Florida. It does this through investing in programs, projects and organizations that work on the ground to reduce health disparities and enable better access to care for low-income populations and individuals with chronic illnesses. 

The Foundation also works directly with healthcare providers in order to increase their capacity and promote positive outcomes for those they serve. Through these initiatives, Florida Blue Foundation is dedicated to promoting healthier lives, stronger families and thriving communities throughout the state of Florida.

2022 Sapphire Awards

The Florida Blue Foundation’s Sapphire Awards program recognizes and rewards exemplary community organizations for performance excellence in delivering high-quality care to Floridians. Selected programs are given a $100,000 award, the largest dollar prize in philanthropy for community-based health care organizations in Florida. 

The Council on Accreditation and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida helps the Foundation identify up to twelve organizations from across the state that have demonstrated outstanding innovation, collaboration, and leadership while providing services such as prevention, wellness promotion, acute care, primary care, behavioral health care, or work-related health risk reduction. This program is dedicated to improving healthcare delivery systems by promoting innovative models of delivery within local communities throughout Florida.

On CEO Mia Jones’ Win

Mia Jones’ inspiring commitment to justice and health equality is a beacon in the Jacksonville community. For years, she has been an advocate for those on the fringes of society at City Hall, the State Capitol, and as CEO for Agape Family Health Center. The Center provides invaluable services to 10,000 patients, half of whom are uninsured, giving them the care and attention they desperately need. 

Her exemplary efforts have recently been recognized nationally with a first-place Florida Blue Foundation Sapphire Award. With it comes a $100,000 prize that will go towards helping Mia and her team do even more to fight for people who slip through the cracks.

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