Agape Family Health’s Mia L. Jones Takes Funding Fight to Tallahassee Legislators

Agape Family Health’s Mia L. Jones Takes Funding Fight to Tallahassee Legislators

In an impactful trip to Tallahassee, Florida, last month, our CEO of Agape Family Health joined forces with the Florida Association of Community Health Centers to make a compelling case to the state’s legislators for increased funding for community health centers throughout Florida. This crucial meeting highlighted the vital role that these centers play in providing accessible healthcare services to communities across the state, particularly to underserved populations.

Mia Jones with Florida State Representative Angie Nixon

Community health centers in Florida have long been on the front lines of healthcare, offering a wide range of services including primary care, dental care, mental health services, and substance abuse treatment. Despite their critical importance, many of these centers have faced financial challenges that threaten their ability to serve their communities effectively.

Mia Jones with Florida Minority Leader Fentrice Driskell (left) and with Florida State Senator Shevrin Jones (right)

Mia, who has been at the helm of Agape Family Health for several years, has been a vocal advocate for healthcare equity and access. Under her leadership, Agape Family Health has expanded its services and reach, but Mia knows that the challenges facing community health centers require statewide support and resources. “Our mission at Agape Family Health extends beyond our doors – it’s about strengthening the entire network of community health services across Florida,” Mia says.

Her visit to Tallahassee was timely, as state legislators are currently in the process of shaping the budget for the next fiscal year. The Florida Association of Community Health Centers presented compelling data and testimonials to lawmakers, underscoring the essential nature of these centers not just as healthcare providers, but as community stabilizers and economic engines.

Mia Jones with Yolanda Cash Jackson-Shareholder Becker Law Firm  and Florida State Senator Tracie Davis 

Supporters of the funding increase argue that investing in community health centers is cost-effective and results in healthier populations, reduced hospital admissions, and overall savings to the state’s healthcare system. “Every dollar invested in community health centers generates significant returns in terms of health outcomes and economic impact,” Mia emphasized.

The effort to increase funding for community health centers in Florida is part of a larger national conversation about the importance of accessible healthcare. With the support of leaders like Mia and organizations like the Florida Association of Community Health Centers, there is hope that this trip to Tallahassee will mark a significant step forward in ensuring that all Floridians have access to quality healthcare services.