Agape CEO Mia Jones Advocates for Community Health at the 2024 Policy & Issues Forum

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Agape CEO Mia Jones Advocates for Community Health at the 2024 Policy & Issues Forum

In a significant gathering for health policy in the United States, Agape Family Health’s CEO, Mia Jones, joined forces with community health leaders at the 2024 Policy & Issues Forum, organized by the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC), held from February 12th to 15th in Washington D.C.

The forum brought together key figures from across the country, including Congressmen Aaron Bean and John Rutherford, to advocate for vital issues facing community health centers. The discussions focused on securing sustainable and increased funding, a cornerstone for the operations of health centers serving underserved communities.

The event marked a pivotal moment for health policy, emphasizing the critical role of community health centers in the national healthcare system. Leaders from various centers took this opportunity to head to Capitol Hill, engaging directly with policymakers to underline the importance of these institutions in providing accessible healthcare.

Agape CEO Mia Jones with Congressman Aaron Bean (left) and Congressman John Rutherford (right)

Spotlight on the 340B Program

A significant portion of the forum dedicated discussions to the 340B Drug Pricing Program, highlighting its essential role in enabling community health centers to offer discounted medication. With the latest federal and state policy trends on the agenda, participants delved into emerging issues in the 340B program, compliance best practices, and advocacy strategies vital for protecting 340B savings.


The conversations held during the forum are expected to influence the direction of community health advocacy for years to come. “The event is not just a moment in time but a catalyst for ongoing efforts to ensure community health centers receive the funding and support they need,” said CEO Mia Jones. The engagement at the forum underscores the collective commitment to advancing healthcare policies that support community health centers’ vital work.

2024 Policy & Issues Forum attendeesCommunity health leader who attended the Forum. Photo by HACHC.

Ongoing Efforts and Future Directions

As the forum concluded, the commitment to advocate for better healthcare funding and policies remained strong. The insights and strategies shared among leaders and policymakers are set to guide future advocacy efforts, particularly as the deadline for funding decisions approaches.

Agape Family Health and its partners continue to work tirelessly to secure the necessary resources to ensure community health centers can continue their essential services. The forum’s discussions have laid a foundation for future policy advocacy, emphasizing the importance of community-based healthcare in achieving accessible and equitable health outcomes for all.

As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, the contributions of community health centers and their advocates remain indispensable. The 2024 Policy & Issues Forum has set the stage for a renewed push towards sustainable healthcare policies that recognize and support the critical role of these centers in the broader healthcare system.